A Precious Gift


When Safe Refuge opened it’s doors in 2007, it was birthed out of relationships, friendships, kingdom of God heart connections.  Most of those people and precious lives are not going to be able to be with me (Naomi) on my wedding day. But in heart and spirit we stay connected and grateful for how our God unites our lives and makes the world smaller even through youtube and facebook and live web streaming!

It would really mean so much to me to have Red and Ara be a part of this eternally significant day. We have walked through so much together, life and death, ugly and beautiful and this is another important milestone. For Red and Ara to represent Safe Refuge Family, and a beautiful aspect of my journey, would be a precious wedding day gift.


Naomi with Ara (Safe Refuge National Director) and Red (Co-Founder of Safe Refuge)

If you can be a part of making this possible it would mean so much!

Please donate through this link and we will make sure it goes towards tickets! We have been watching them and right now it would cost 2500 for both of them to come round trip! Tickets are down and we know God is God of the impossible, so we want to at least try to do our part and ask!!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”                                            Helen Keller

Thank you SO much every little gift will help!!

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